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Valuation reports and consulting requirements, both in Australia and around the world, are continually evolving. Standards and regulations are subject to interpretation and re-interpretation, and not all are universally accepted. Staying current is an ongoing challenge for corporate decision-makers.  

Statewide Valuations Pty Ltd brings in-depth knowledge to valuation reports and consulting requirements.

Our senior consultants and valuers have in depth knowledge of the Australian valuation standards as well as acess to an ad hoc group of senior-level valuation consultants and valuers  from independent valuation firms.

Our senior valuer is a director on the board of the Australian Valuers Institute, established 1938. 

We also work closely with the Australian Valuation Standards and indusrty bodies. This front-end involvement in policy development ensures our unparalleled insight into current valuation and financial reporting issues.







Speciialised Properties







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